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For historical purposes, the original Summer of Code (SoC) goals are listed below:

The Live CD 2008 project has several goals:

  1. Move from Morphix to SLAX (see Why SLAX)
  2. Get SLAX to have an equal number of tools as had existed in the Live CD 2007 (updating tools where necessary)
  3. Add OWASP branding to SLAX
  4. Add additional, quality tools
  5. Document the Live CD, both how it was created and general documentation (e.g. OWASP Testing Guide).

There were also some design goals, particularly, this should be a live CD which is

  • easy for the users to keep updated
  • easy for the project lead to keep updated
  • easy to produce releases (I'm thinking quarterly releases)
  • focused on just web application testing - not general Pen Testing.

(For general Pen Testing, the gold standard is Backtrack.)

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