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The following Firefox Add-ons have been included in this module:
(Note the image doesn't reflect all the plugins below)

Note: For the installed Add-ons, all were turned off/disabled/closed/not shown. This allows you to decide which Add-ons you want to use. For example:

  • NoScript - Set to Globally Allow Scripts which pretty much neuters it
  • Greesemonkey is disabled
  • POW is turned off
  • TestGen4Web is closed
  • Hackbar, refspoof and Web Developer Tool bars are not shown

Others to consider:

I've also created a module for Firefox which does not include any Add-ons, available here.

These were tried but not compatible with Firefox 3

  • Net-Force Tools 0.1.1 website
  • Technika 1.3.1 website (try the workaround in the comments)
  • XML Developer Toolbar 0.2 website
  • Header Monitor website
  • Slogger 0.6.20061221 website
  • Fire Encrypter 3.0 website
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